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SC Transformation Masterclass

SC Transformation Masterclass

In a world where supply chain excellence is not just an advantage, but a competitive necessity, we are excited to invite you to the *Supply Chain Transformation Masterclass*. This is a rare opportunity for top-tier executives like yourself to harness the power of global supply chain innovation and leadership.


*Why Attend?*
Join Jolanda Pretorius, one of the Global Top 100 Most Influential Women Supply Chain Leaders of 2023, and CEO of End2End Supply Chain Academy, for an intensive two-day journey through the core of supply chain management.


*What Will You Gain?*

- *In-Depth SCOR-DS Exploration:* Dive deep into the SCOR-DS framework, revolutionizing your supply chain with digital innovation.
- *Interactive Sessions:* Engage in critical discussions on the modern supply chain, strategic sustainable development, aligning supply chains with performance metrics, and much more. Discover how to identify and map out strategic sustainable supply chains, define key drivers, and link them back to strategic goals. Learn to select best practices and tools, using the End2End Supply Chain Methodology insights.
- *Expert Insights:* Gain optimization strategies from Jolanda Pretorius's extensive global experience.
- *Real-World Application:* Develop robust supply chain strategies, align tactical plans, manage risks, and leverage tools and technologies for transformative success. This masterclass is your path to becoming a visionary in supply chain management.
- *Networking Opportunities:* Connect and share insights over tea and lunch breaks.
- *Certificate of Completion:* Show your commitment with a certificate from End2End Supply Chain Academy.


*Who Should Attend?*
Ideal for CEOs, COOs, Procurement Managers, IT and Operations Managers, Buyers, Strategists, Supply Chain Managers, and General Managers seeking transformative supply chain operations.


 Enjoy a 10% discount for bookings of three or more seats.


*How to Register?*
Fill out the booking form on our website for a formal quote and further details.

Don’t miss this unique chance to elevate your organization’s supply chain performance.

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