10 Job Skills You'll Need in 2020

The world of work—and the world in general—is changing. People are living longer, new technologies are emerging, and we’ve never been more globally connected. That means the skills we use now in the workplace are not necessarily the skills we’ll need in the future.

To get a sense of what skills you might want to start investing your time into developing, check out the infographic below. (Note: It might sound like 2020 is really far into the future, but it’s actually only 1 year away.)

Do you want to start this journey? We can assist!

At end-to-end Supply Chain Academy is it our philosophy to equip learners to become more productive and adding more value in their places of work. or enable them to find a fit-for-purpose job they are prepared for and will strive in the environment.

The following courses end-to-end Supply Chain Academy offer which is in line with the skill set of the future. Do not delay, take this opportunity for us to assist with your to remain relevant in the workplace for times to come.

Relevant Courses end2end Supply Chain Academy provides to equip you for the changing World of Work, These sessions are all experimental learning and simulation based to endure candidates are competent to apply these skills from day one in the workplace.

1. World of Work

2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

3. Develop Communication Skills

4. Leadership Development

5. Turn Line Managers into Coaches

6 Conducting Competency Assessments

7. Develop Team Skills

8. Collaboration and Communications Skills

9. Cultural awareness

10. Develop task and work processes

11. Develop and Manage Projects

12. Team building Skills

Please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification or more information on these courses. We do have more than 150 learning topics and simulations we can leverage to address your needs! Contact us at jolanda@end2endsc.co.za.

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